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Finally Swim is northern New Jersey’s most reputable and reliable swim instruction service.  Finally Swim has offered personalized swim instruction services to swimmers of all ages, for over 35 years. Our service emphasizes safety combined with strength building, proper technique, and confidence. We care about you and your family. Prevention, safety, and the right skills are essential to protecting lives in and around water.  We want to empower you and your children with knowledge, safety, skills, and strength.

We help swimmers of all ages, learning styles, and abilities learn how to swim and develop a lifelong love of the water. One of our greatest goals is to give parents peace of mind and confidence in their ability to safeguard the lives of their family members.

Are you a grownup who has not yet learned how to swim?  We can help you learn to love being in and around water.  We will support your journey in feeling safe and confident in the water. Swimming is for children of all ages.  It is never too late to learn how to swim.

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Creative, Intuitive, Passionate, and Purposeful

  • We embrace the opportunity to teach children and adults how to swim for the first time.
  • We are passionate about working with children & adults of varying learning styles and needs.
  • We love to be in and around water, and we pass that enthusiasm onto all of our swimmers.

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Efficient Approach & Unique Style

Learning to swim at your home pool is safe and simple. It saves you time and makes the learning process easy and fun for all. Watching your children learn and practicing those skills hands on in your own pool, is priceless. If you do not have your own pool, you can collaborate with a neighbor or family member. Children learn faster when they are watching other children learn and enjoy the water.

The Finally Swim team prides itself on experience, responsibility, and reliability. We arrive with a smile and a positive attitude that is contagious. We guarantee results, no matter how big or small, with every lesson we provide. 

We are very proud to have taught thousands of children and adults how to swim. We are also pleased to offer our lesson service to swimmers of all ages.

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I can’t thank you enough for everything, I’ve never seen Alex so excited about something. And he’s progressed so fast! It’s really incredible as a mom to be able to see your baby grow up!! All thanks to you!! – Lisa C.


Thank you so much for the work you did with Gillian this summer.  Her progress has been remarkable, and it has been solely due to you.  Not only do you have the skills to teach these kids, but you have the gift of making it truly fun and exciting for them.  -Morgan T.

Freedom, Safety, Self-Confidence

  • We aim for accelerated transformation.

  • We encourage, nurture, & support swimmers of all ages, levels, & abilities – to overcome fear.

  • We support swimmers to build skills that yield feelings of freedom, safety, and self-confidence.

  • We guarantee results, no matter how big or small, with every lesson we provide.

  • We seek to foster a feeling of freedom, safety, and self-confidence in all swimmers. This freedom offers a greater sense of security in parents of beginning swimmers.

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Thank you so much for your hard work with Maya this summer, what a difference from last year. It was so amazing to see her develop into a confident swimmer and put my mind at ease for her safety. – Jana K.

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